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Effect of Google Panda Update on SEO and Internet Marketing

Effect of Google Panda Update on SEO and Internet Marketing

Effect of Google Panda Update on SEO and Internet Marketing

Google Panda Algorithm Update is not like any other algorithm put out by Google in the past. It is meant for quality filtering of websites. The change has been implemented for eliminating ‘low quality’ or ‘spam’ content used by websites for ranking in the search engines. With the Panda update, Google has made an attempt to eliminate results which are not useful or relevant. This update has affected sites such as Ezine articles, Mahalo, Wise Geek and the content farms in general.

Understanding Google Panda Update

With the latest Google Panda update, it can be very well understood that Google has put in lots of effort in raising website content’s standard. The points mentioned below will give you a clear understanding of the update. It gives importance to high-quality content, followed by good SEO techniques and social networking.

It lowers the rank of websites that contains ‘spammy’ content and allows the users to get more accurate and relevant content. It encourages the developers to look for high quality websites and avoid the ones that contain poor quality content. With this update, SEO service providers have been convinced to make use of appropriate techniques which will give their websites good ranking in Google search.

How Has Google Panda Update Affected SEO?

Most webmasters are of the view that more content should be published for getting good amount of traffic. But this is not correct. This is the reason Google has come up with this algorithm update as there are a number of sites that publishes content for attracting more number of visitors. These sites want visitors who will come to their site and click on their ads. They are not concerned about quality content as more traffic is what matters to them. But one thing should be kept in mind that people always look for useful and quality content and Google us exactly doing their best to provide good content.

With Google Panda Update, a lot of websites have been penalised due to a number of reasons. A few of them includes the following:

  • Websites with keyword stuffed content
  • Websites that had copied content from other sites
  • Content not found relevant to a reference link or a page
  • Poor quality of the content
  • Excessive number of ads found on a web page
  • Tips for Surviving the Panda Update

Google has also mentioned that it will continue the process of monitoring search results. In its ongoing monitoring process, the websites which fail to meet the criteria of Panda update will be penalised.

In order to ensure that your website is protected, keep in mind the following points:

  • Thin content should be replaced
  • The ad ratio of a website should be correct
  • Implement a SEO audit regularly for a sanity check of a website
  • Quality content should be created
  • Avoid shortcuts to get your website high rankings

Google Panda Algorithm update is a penalty for low quality sites. It means a site can be penalised if it contains poor quality pages. You can possibly recover from it but it is always easy to avoid this problem in the initial stage. So make sure that more focus is put in developing content for a website that will be informative and add value for the audience.

About Author:

Andy Robertson is a freelance digital marketing expert by profession. He develops quality content for the best SEO service providers in the country.

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