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How Themeing Impacts SEO

How Themeing Impacts SEO

How Themeing Impacts SEO

If you have ever considered using a website or blog for internet marketing you have probably heard the term SEO and have at least a cursory understanding of how important this concept is for developing a readership and driving traffic to your site. If you have aspirations of promoting a business or generating an income through the use of internet marketing SEO is a concept that you need to know about, and how to utilize effectively. SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, and refers to the purposeful activities related to creating visibility and driving targeted traffic to a website or blog.

This is accomplished by optimizing these sites in order to attract the spiders, software that indexes the words used on individual web pages, and encourage them to identify the pages as prime results to be brought up during later search engine inquiries. There are several things that the spiders look for, including individual words, key phrases, beneficial links, and perceived relevance. There are many ways that you can create an effective SEO campaign. One of them is through themeing. Themeing simply refers to connecting your site in meaningful ways to the niche to which it belongs, and using this connection to appeal to consumers.

Themeing works to increase SEO effectiveness in a few key ways:

Aesthetic Appeal

The way that your website or blogs looks will not directly impact the indexing done by the spiders. Spiders are bits of software not controlled by human beings, meaning that they cannot perceive everything that a human visitor can. Spiders will not recognize images, graphics, video, music, JavaScript, or effects such as those created by Flash. This does not, however, mean that the way your site looks makes no impact on the effectiveness of your internet marketing. The goal of internet marketing is to drive traffic to a specific area and create conversions.

The only way that a visitor to your site or blog is going to convert is if he is interested enough in what he sees to stay and find the opportunities to make purchases, sign up for email listings, or perform other desirable activities. This brings the focus to your site’s aesthetics. Once the search engine results have directed a visitor to your site it will be the look of the site that keeps them there. WordPress templates produce visually appealing, organized, and niche-appropriate layouts that allow you to manage your site easily and keep it looking perfect so that visitors will be compelled to stay longer.

Keyword Usage

The main thing that the spiders will be looking for is words. Much of SEO centers on the manipulation and application of words, particularly keywords and key phrases. These words and phrases and the specific concepts that apply to your niche and are what your visitors will most likely be looking for when they are searching the internet for information. Imagine if you were searching for the type of products, services, and information that you offer on your website.

What terms would you put into the search engine bar in order to generate results? These are the keywords and phrases that you will use. Your themeing directly impacts your choice of keywords because the content that you produce should be in accordance with the layout and visual that you create. The themeing of your site should support the content so that a person taking a first look at your site will have an immediate impression of the material he could find there.

Link Development

Spiders also look for links. They will crawl along each of the links that they find, recording everything that they find as they go, and determine not only where the links go, but how they were produced, and if they are beneficial. The number of organic, useful links that you have to your pages will make a major impact on how you appear in search engine results. The themeing that you choose for your site or blog will impact linking because others will wish to link to sites that are beautifully created and exude a sense of authority and value. You want to be considered a core resource for your niche market, and appropriate themeing will help to support this image.

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