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Optimize Your SEO Strategies With Social Media For Greater Results

Optimize Your SEO Strategies With Social Media For Greater Results

Optimize Your SEO Strategies With Social Media For Greater Results

Marketers are well aware of the importance of showing up on the first and second pages of Google results. Clicks drastically decrease from the first page to the second page and then almost disappear from third page on. When we hear SEO strategy, we often think of on-site and external linking, blogs, and the major search engines. Optimizing your social media efforts for search engines is something not all businesses are on board with. However, it is something worth paying attention to. As social media and search become more intertwined, marketers need to begin to focus more on how they can capitalize on their social media efforts for greater SEO success.

Develop Content with Social Shares in Mind

Search engines incorporate social signals (such as likes and shares) into their algorithms. While different search engines place different weights on each signal, and the network it is coming from, there is a direct correlation between social media and what we see in search results. It seems that as social media and search become more integrated, the correlation between the two will become more prominent. Be sure to market valuable content from your site on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. By using your high-quality content as leverage for your social media team, you can acquire links back to your site while boosting social signals. Use your blog and guides to build internal links and make it easy for visitors to your site to share that content. People will link to and share valuable, compelling content. The key hear isn’t to just think about the keywords, but to think about the site visitors and their likelihood to share each page they come across.

Create Relationships on Social for Off Social Links

Social relationships can help boost your SEO efforts. Many businesses blog and yours should too. Connecting with blog managers and editors isn’t always easy and often times, those involved in the outreach process spend time combing sites for an email or phone number to ensure they are connecting with the right person. Social media can help you get in touch with the best person possible. If you like to guest post on other sites, or are looking for writers, as part of your company online marketing strategy, social media can help. Most blog editors, and socially savvy businesses, have active social media accounts. Use your social media presence to connect with others and build relationships. These relationships can turn into social content cross-promotions, guest posting opportunities for link development, and more.

Take Advantage of the About Sections

Nearly every social network has an “About” section that companies need to make the most of. Offer a description of your business, product or service that incorporates keywords your business is trying to rank for. A good practice would be to focus on one or two keyword phrases per about description. While descriptions need to be accurate, they provide your business with the opportunity to share company and product information. Whenever possible, incorporate links back to your site from your social profiles.

The buzz around your business and social presence will help your business when it comes to search. You can build brand awareness, which studies have shown lead to an increase in branded search queries. Social media and SEO are becoming more and more aligned. Social signals are influencing search engines and social media buzz can impact what searches about your business are taking place. If you’re looking to optimize your social efforts for better search engine rankings, consider taking these three steps.

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