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SEO Mumbai’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

SEO Mumbai’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

SEO Mumbai’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

No. In fact no SEO service can honestly make this guarantee. The search engines are constantly changing their ranking algorithms so it is difficult to make any confirmation or promises about ranking. Any company which does so should be approached with caution as this is a common tactic of SEO scamsters. What we DO promise is to work 24/7 to get your website the best possible results. We DO promise that we have the best SEO experts not just in the Mumbai but the whole world working for us who are constantly testing new avenues in order to stay one step ahead of the competition. Our results have shown that no matter how competitive, any market can be dominated with enough time and effort.

Which Search engine should you be focusing on?

When embarking on building traffic to your website (natural and/or paid) it is important to identify which platform will yield you the most traffic. Below is a screenshot – The image above clearly shows that is the primary search engine with the greatest amount of searches over the other search engines combined (Yahoo, Bing, others). Therefore, if you’re using this data for your SEO actives, it is wise to put your attention on getting the best results on Google. Now very often, as a by-product of doing this, what works best for Google can also lead to success on the other engines to. Also, now if you hear about someone who claims they have a number 1 ranking in Yahoo or Bing or in fact are showing off their successes, it is not nearly as impressive as being in the same position in Google.

How does SEO Mumbai get its top rankings?

SEO Mumbai uses a wide variety of proven & cutting edge techniques to achieve our exceptional track record for search engine optimization. Although our top tactics are a trade secret some of the methods we will use to get you to the top include rigorous onsite SEO adjustments, quality link building from a large variety of sources, effective & relevant blog postings, determined article marketing, social bookmarking and directory submissions as well as many other methods. What sets SEO Mumbai apart is our team of experts never stops evolving. SEO is a very dynamic industry – the search engines algorithm is constantly changing and so many of the most established SEO companies have made the mistake of getting too happy. Techniques which worked last year are no longer good enough to achieve a top rankings. Our experts are constantly evaluating their process which is why we are so successful. If you have any specific SEO questions speak with one of our friendly SEO experts on live contact and they will be happy to provide you with the answers that you seek.

How many keywords will my website rank for?

A one month standard membership will get websites ranked for around 20 keywords.

How long will it take to see results?

This depends on many factors, the most important being how competitive the keywords you are trying to rank for are on the search engines. If your product niche is not as competitive then you could see quick results in a few days. On the other hand if the keywords you desire to rank for are very competitive then it could be a matter of months. In general, you will most likely start to really see significant improvements after a few weeks as your site rises past your key competitors who are not doing effective SEO before slowing down as you start competing against the top rankers, established sites. At SEO Mumbai we are confident that we can outrank any site with enough time and effort but breaking into the top ranks can be a long, time consuming process in particularly competitive markets.

Will my fees go up?

As long as you are a SEO MUMBAI client we guarantee no additional costs or rate increases. If our rates do change during this period then you will be unaffected and continue to pay the same rates as always.

Are there any extra fees , charges or start-up costs?

Absolutely not. We charge a flat rate for our services and you will not be charged one penny more. SEO Mumbai is a pay-as-you go, monthly. I haven’t built my site yet, can you perform SEO before it is complete ?
Absolutely. In fact, ideally you should always create a site with SEO in mind so that you don’t have to go back and make necessary changes to your keyword density, tags or even more so in your coding later on. Coming to us before you start your website can save you a great deal of time and money in the long run! Please contact to one of our staff about web design which is an another service we offer to help get the best possible ranking for your site. How long does it take to get started ?When you agree to a contract we guarantee to get going on your SEO within hours! You will not find a fastest service then that anywhere on the internet!

How do I get support?

For online support simply shoot a mail at any time and be instantly connected to one of the top SEO experts anywhere. Whatever your queries or concerns we will always do everything in our power to find a solution for you.

So what’s the catch?

There is no catch, no hidden fees, no unpleasant surprises. Pay a flat per month fee and watch your website capture more of the online market from your competitors !

Why is SEO Important to my business?

26.5% of the world’s population uses the internet daily and search engines perform on average 213 million searches a day. Studies of Mumbai consumers estimate the at 72.5% of India Internet users aged 16-& at least one item online this year and the numbers of people who do the majority of their shopping online will rise from 26.9 million into 31.8 million by 2013 – over 5% of the India population! Internet shopping is the way of the future, at least some of your competitors already know this and to not position yourself for success with an brilliant SEO provider is going to be like bringing a knife to a gun fight.

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