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Simple Ways You Can Do SEO For Your Small Business Website

Simple Ways You Can Do SEO For Your Small Business Website

Simple Ways You Can Do SEO For Your Small Business Website

It’s incredibly frustrating to put the time, money and energy into building a website for your small business only to find out that no one can find you when searching in search engines. Here are a few simple tips you can do to help your website start showing up for people searching in the search engines for services you provide.

Identify Areas of Focus

The key to success in anything is focus. Before you can really help your site show up for different keywords/phrases people are searching for, you need to know what words or phrases people are searching for. A good way to educate yourself on how people search for your services is by using the Google ad words tool. This is a good tool that can help you identify how many times phrases are searched for. Once you have identified the keywords you want to show up for, assign those keywords to a certain page on your site. Starting out I would recommend focusing on 4-5 keywords per page you want to focus on.

Optimize The Pages On Your Website

Now that you know what pages you want to show up for each keyword, you now need to insure that the search engines find that page relevant for those words. To help with this try to naturally include those phrases or words in the content of that page and strategically throughout the following areas of the page: The main thing to remember here is make it look natural. Don’t try to include the keywords everywhere on the page. Just make sure that you are talking about the topics of those keywords where it makes sense to your customers. The whole point of having a website is to help give your viewers good information that inspires confidence in your company. Making them want to do business with you.

Fresh Content

Google typically re-crawls a site every few days. Creating fresh content on a blog or a news feed will help the search engines see your site as a relevant source on those types of topics. Adding at least 1-2 pieces of fresh and relevant content a week can not only help search engines rank your site higher but it can provide a great way to keep your visitors/customers continually coming back to your site to learn more about your industry. This also provides you with a larger audience to continually market your business too.


The more links that you have to your site from other websites the more relevant the search engines will find you for the keywords your link is in, thus helping you rank higher in the search engines. There are a lot of ways you can get links from other sites. A lot of people have found that hiring a reputable SEO link building company, to be the easiest way of doing it. However there is still a lot you can do on your own to get some good links.

For example:

Push out Press Releases about your company activities Build different company social profiles on sites like, twitter, face book, digg, etc. Ask friends to add links to your site from their blog Give discounts to local colleges for students needing your product One of the best ways to get links is to have good social share buttons on your blog and different places on your site, and invite your viewers to share the posts they like the best on their favorite social profiles.

In Conclusion

Small business SEO doesn’t have to be difficult but it definitely needs done in order to build a strong company. So whether you’re using an affordable small business SEO service or your doing SEO on your own always make sure you are providing value to the internet. Having your website show up in the organic search results can be a huge benefit to your company, and its growth and every little bit helps.

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