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Why Developers and Designer Should be Every SEO’s Best Friends

Why Developers and Designer Should be Every SEO’s Best Friends

Why Developers and Designer Should be Every SEO’s Best Friends

Within the digital marketing industry, it’s no secret that SEOs, web developers and designers very often have disagreements and, more often that not, the cooperation between the teams working on the same project is not quite up to scratch. So let’s take a look at where this conflict often stems from and how to avoid it.

Different people, different skills

The starting point for all SEOs wanting to build a better relationship with web developers and web designers is to understand that each role focuses on different skills. I have often come across SEOs who think they know best when it comes to coding, web developers who think all requests made by the SEO team are a waste of time and effort and, finally, web designers who think great design and user experience alone are the only elements of a successful website. In a nutshell, don’t always assume you know best, leave development and design to the experts and, if you have any particular requirements from an SEO point of view, make sure these are explained and agreed at the beginning of the project.

Understanding each other’s areas of competence

Having worked with large teams of developers and designers for a number of years, I have learnt one important lesson: disagreements and misunderstandings are often the result of simply not having a clear idea of what the other teams do. The best way to tackle this from the point of view of an SEO consultant is to organise some SEO training sessions for other teams within the agency or company and invite them to do the same so that you can learn what they do. Keep the sessions brief and focus on the elements of SEO which you think are most important to developers and designers so that next time you make a particular request, they will know exactly why and what the benefits for the clients are. Even better, you can even create reference guides or guidelines so that your colleagues have a document they can quickly refer to if needed.

Great user experience will lead to great conversion rate

The basic goal of any SEO campaign is to increase the volume of traffic to a site, however, without user-friendly design chances are that all the extra visitors you manage to bring in will likely leave the site immediately and not convert. As much as SEOs like text-heavy pages and optimised internal links, my experience has taught me that designers should always be involved in the conversations regarding on-page SEO: this will ensure that any changes made in order to optimise the website do not affect the user experience which, as a result, will lead to more traffic to pages that generate more leads and sales.

Cooperation is key

There’s a wide range of SEO tasks and projects which could really benefit from the input and help of web developers and designers. As an example, just think of link bait campaigns such as infographics and the development of widgets. Involving all teams in brainstorming sessions and before major decisions are made can open up a wide range of opportunities, new ideas and also prevent any future complications with any project. Better cooperation and communication between the SEO team, developers and designers not only will ensure that all work is carried out on a website in a manner that focuses on the best practices of all areas, but ultimately it will also lead to happier clients as they see everything’s being taken into account to achieve online success.

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